Prescott City

Prescott’s Diverse and Adventurous Attractions

Since it’s inception as a mining town, Prescott has evolved into one of the top spots to vacation in Arizona. Not only does Prescott offer culture and a number of experiences, but it’s also a way to escape the scorching heat of Arizona’s more populated cities. Prescott is growing in popularity and population, that’s why many people are looking for Prescott homes for sale and rent. Prescott didn’t lose it’s quaint western touch that preserves its history.

Whiskey Row Whiskey Row was rebuilt in the early twentieth century after a fires struck Prescott. Today it’s home to night life and frivolity with its modern and historic businesses. Whether you’re having a drink or a bite to eat, this culturally diverse block in town is worth a visit. At night Whiskey Row is a refuge for the adventurous tourist seeking a taste of a cowboy’s nightlife.

In addition to Whiskey Row, Downtown Prescott hosts a number of art galleries and important monuments to the town’s history. The streets have art displays making a tour around town much similar to visiting an art gallery. To get a better look at the art native to Prescott one can visit the Sharlot Hall, which is named after an influential artist and member of the Prescott community.

Prescott’s wine attractions are as tasteful as the cities quaint and antique design. Such wineries and vineyards as Bin 239, Sedona Wine Adventures, and the Prescott Wine Cafe, are staples of the Arizona’s wine industry. Wine tours are available in the city as well as in other towns within the vicinity.

Prescott is nestled in a higher climate than most Arizona towns resulting in a cooler climate and with beautiful scenery. In the trails surrounding the town there are many places to enjoy a hike or mountain bike ride through the mountains among the conifers. Camping options include established campsites as well as dispersed camping further into the backcountry. The beautiful environment also affords the opportunity for scenic drives throughout the countryside.

golf fieldWhat better reason to travel than to experience top of the line golf courses in a beautiful town. With over five golf courses to choose from, Prescott is becoming an ever more popular place to book tee times. With so many courses available, visitors won’t need to worry about country club memberships to have a good time on many of the courses.

Many tourists find Prescott to be a beautiful and stimulating environment for vacationing. So much so that they intend to retire or simply invest in property around town.